Welcome to Myological. We are professionally qualified, remedial massage and  musculoskeletal Structural Integration therapists. 

We specialise in injury management and resolution, Structural Integration (postural alignment) and sports massage. Our business is based almost entirely on word-of-mouth referrals, but new patients are always welcome. We work with the general public relieving a vast array of complex and chronic pain, as well as with amateur and professional athletes helping to maintain their structures to maximise performance.

As well as standard Sports Massage techniques, our treatments include concepts and techniques from Direct Manual Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Joint Mobilisation, Fascial Cupping, Structural Integration and "Anatomy Trains" Theory. 

Our therapists develop and maintain their skills by regularly attending national and international courses that offer the very latest scientific soft tissue developments and techniques. We are also lucky enough to also pass on our skills to students, with classes delivered at colleges and for private training organisations.

We ensure that every treatment is applied with the highest quality, specifically aimed at improving your well being; either through your ability to live a pain-free life, or by making sure you’re in the best possible shape for your chosen sport. 

"Myological are without a doubt the most superior service that I have ever come across. They know exactly what to treat and how to treat it, so that I walk away from the table feeling fresh, alive and my body is back where it needs to be to continue working and training hard." more

We look forward to helping you soon !

Myological is a referral based business ... Your referrals are our greatest compliment.

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